Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Makeup Show, NYC.

I was in NYC for the Makeup Show last month and despite only having a couple of hours to hit the show on sunday, managed to make my product loving makeup artist heart happy (and make my bank account traumatized, haha!)

First off: HAKUHODO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. These brushes are insane. Hand made, expensive, and worth every penny. The level of quality here versus most brushes is the difference between a clunker car and a Rolls Royce. I can't say enough great things about these. You can buy them here:


BDELLIUM . These brushes are also seriously epic, but without the epic price tag of the Hakuhodo. Seriously, I think my favorite shadow brushes are $8?? Some of them also have an antibacterial coating which is great for those of us who are germaphobes. A fabulous option for someone building their kit without spending a ton of money, or when you need multiples of the same brush. Check them out here:

Speaking of a new option for brushes, I've gotten so tired of carrying them around in brush rolls, then trying to keep the clean ones separate from dirty... bla bla bla.. Enter the Cozzette brush Vessel. I bought one for brushes and one for disposables, and I need to buy about 5 more. These are amazing.

Alrighty - gotta run, but I'll post more about the rest of the haul later when I can give the rest of the amazing stuff I bought the full rundown it deserves.

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