Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Years Resolution?

So it's been...... almost a year since my last post and man, have things changed since then!

Thanks to my amazing agent Bobby, I've been working everywhere from NYC to Hawaii, Milwaukee to Miami, Palm Springs to Puerto Rico.. I could go on but you get the idea. 2010 was an amazing year of growth for me personally and professionally and I am SO grateful to everyone who helped me along.

My new years resolution is to get much better about updating the bloggy-blog (since I don't have aaaaaanything else that could get in the way ;-P )

So, here's some new stuff. I have a TON of new work coming out that I am SUPER excited about, and this is the first of many:

I did the makeup for this Hennessy ad that is the on back cover of GQ! It's always exciting to see your work in something national, and this was Super Exciting cause I'm out of town on a job right now and got to run across the street and buy the mag.

Here's the video that goes along with it:

 What a special experience!

Alright, that's enough updating for one day ;-) I have to save something for the next post.